January 4, 2015

Binary scam brokers

Binary Scam Brokers

Binary Scam Brokers are unfortunately, still part of the binary options industry. When starting to take that step into trading it is natural for you to be wary of brokers and of being scammed. And there are plenty of such scams you would come across. Like brokers who are cheats, then those who provide signals to convince you to sign up with a particular broker because the software works best on the platform of that broker or those software sellers, all trying to make money off you.

But are they all scammers? Before you make a complaint against a broker, before you vent out your frustrations on those social networking sites and various forums, it would be best if you look into the matter, understand the reason behind say, for example the delay in getting that deposit back, then you would have a better chance to be heard when you face a genuine problem in the future.

This is not to say that you should not lodge a complaint when you find something amiss. As a trader you are always encouraged to bring to notice something fishy that you encounter. This way an action could be taken against the erring broker. And other traders too are then saved from being cheated.

Binary Scam Brokers

Binary Scam Brokers – Filling a Complaint

However it is important that before registering the complaint you try to find out the reason behind it. What could have happened, is it something that could be solved, do you believe the broker would be able to help or are you convinced that the broker has cheated you?  Only after ascertaining this you should go ahead and register a complaint. Otherwise it would not be fair on the broker too to be shown in a bad light.

You want your complaint to be heard. You want to be authentic on various forums. Only when it is a genuine complaint will it have the impact that it deserves and for the problem to be addressed in an appropriate manner.

Further, it is important to keep the emotions out of the complaint you are filing. It would not get the necessary attention.  You would come across as irrational and sound more like a whining personality. Make sure you get all your facts right and then file your complaint in a language that is simple, clear and understandable.  In some cases, language could be a possible barrier, but you can always ask for help and then register your complaint.

When traders suffer a loss it is understandable that they would be upset. That they would be frustrated. And in such times, it is also understandable that emotions would be running high. The logical thinking process takes a back seat.  Traders calling the brokers scammers in such cases are not unheard of.  Basically, the traders would blame everybody around them and they would never blame themselves.

So again stressing the point that it is important for traders to take a step or two backward, go over the situation once they calm down and find out the reasons of what happened. After this they still feel that the broker has scammed them, then they should file a complaint with all the facts listed in a coherent fashion.

This is what is going to help them get their complaint heard and also in turn help other traders from getting scammed by the broker, if at all he/she was the culprit.