January 17, 2015

Binary Signals App Tutorials

Binary Signals App Complete Trading Manual

On this section you will be able to learn Quickly & Easily all you must know about how to use our Binary Signals App.

1. When is the best moment to execute our signals?

Usually; the best moment to execute a signal will be right after a given rate has gone above the resistance or has dropped below the support level.

For example: If the EUR/USD resistance level is at 1.0734, the right level to enter the trade will be at 1.0735.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: In some case prices tend retrace right after breaking the support or resistance level, so before executing the signals, it is best to wait a few moments to avoid cases of false breaks. 

2.What expiry time is most recommended?

Most alerts sent via Binary Signals App are suited for short term expiries such as 5, 10 and 15 minutes. In many cases all recommended expiries will end up as winning signals. Yet, there can be some situations where not all expiries are winners. For example:  on 5 and 10 minutes expiries, the signal will end up winning, however on 15 minutes, it will end up losing.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: You don’t have to trade on all expiries.

3. A rain of Signals – Signals are being sent one after another

15 to 25 signals are sent daily from 8am to 8pm GMT, throughout all the major trading sessions including the Asian, European and US markets. During the day, you will notice some peaks, where the markets are more active, and thus more signals will be sent.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: A signal can stay relevant as long as the support or resistance level has not been broken. However, usually, if 1 hour after being sent, a signal did not happen yet, it will be marked “Did not occur”

4. Resistance or Support was already broken

All our signals are being sent in real time, as a result in some cases right after a signal was sent out, the support or resistance level was broken immediately. Don’t worry! in many cases the market tend to correct itself, what will give you a “second chance” to execute the signal at the initial entry rate.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip:  If there is no second chance to enter a trade, just move on to the next signal, there is no need to trade all signals and there will always be better trading opportunities!

5. Support or Resistance level was not really broken – Tricky trading situations

Trading is never easy, and in some cases, identifying breaks of support and resistance levels can be misleading. For example, we can witness a support level which was broken by 2 or 3 pips and followed right away by a quick retracement.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: In many cases, a break that was retraced back can still be a good trading opportunity that will be followed by a bigger break. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep following the trade and not hesitate to execute it if a second chance arrives.

 6. The more times Support or Resistance level is being tested – The better 

There are cases where the support or resistance is being tested for a few times yet, it is not being broken. You can see it as a “battle” between the buyers and sellers at a certain price zone, in other words, buyers are not willing to pay more and sellers are not intending to compromise and reduce the desired price.

These can be good trading opportunities as usually once the support or resistance level is broken, an aggressive break is expected.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: On these type of signals, it is recommended to invest more money.

7. Historical Support and Resistance Levels – Even Better

A support or resistance level that hasn’t been broken for several days, weeks or, even better, for a few months can be a great trading opportunity when it eventually breaks. Once you spot such opportunity, follow it closely and be ready to trade, as these are perhaps the best and most reliable trading opportunities.

binary-signals-tip Important Tip: In these kind of trading scenarios, it is usually recommended to invest

8. Signals Result!? Yes we send them too!

Besides trading signals we also send on all signals their results, be sure to check them!

binary-signals-tip A non-winning signal is not necessarily a losing one, as there can be many situations where the signal simply did not occur and you were not suppose to trade it.

9. Support becomes resistance or vice versa  

In some cases you a support level which was broken can turn into a new resistance level or the other way around, a resistance level which was broken and will become an actual support level.

binary-signals-tip These kind of support and resistance levels are usually considered stronger and more reliable for trading.