April 19, 2017

Nadex Signals

NADEX is one of the most reliable binary options brokerage platforms in the world, especially for US traders as it is tightly regulated by CFTC.  Unlike some US regulated Binary options brokers; Nadex signals are being offered through third party platforms that can be connected with the use of API and auto-trading services.

Vast Resources

Nadex also offers comprehensive learning materials and resources that can improve the knowledge base of traders so they don’t have to completely rely on signal services to trade. Investors can always use the daily news and market update to find out what is going on in the market. Traders can easily implement the above-mentioned information to their analysis and find out what strategy is working out for them.  Nadex provides many possibilities for binary options traders that can be used during trading and investors familiar with all the tools and features can definitely benefit from them.

Nadex Signals

Auto Trading

Auto trading is a new type of trading based on highly sophisticated and advanced technology where various algorithms take all factors that are influencing the market into consideration and place the trade in the name of the trader. It is an automated form of trading and in most cases, traders can set preferences and then the automated system will trade according to them.

It recently became very popular on Nadex and it is one of the prerequisites of using signal services on the platform.  There are quite a lot of auto trading platforms that offers their services on Nadex, however, unlike most platforms, Nadex auto trading is solely based on API Connection.

Nadex API connections enable trading members with automated trading. Investors who opt for this form of trading must count on exchange fee in the amount of $1.50 per contract, and per side for each trade executed. This automated trading service is only available to traders who are physically located in the United States of America.

Nadex Signals Services

US Binary Signals: US Binary Nadex Signals are generated with the help of highly sophisticated and accurate algorithms.  You will get signals through text messages and text messages throughout the day as a subscriber to this signal service. This makes it perfect to trade at any time of the day that suits you perfectly.  As a user, you can even choose what hours you want to receive the alerts depending on your trading schedule.

Moreso, if you are a trader that feels uneasy utilizing signals whose strategic basis you do not properly understand, US Binary Signals offers a detailed strategy guide that maps out how the signals are generated on its Members Area.

US Binary Signals was created for the sole purpose of generating trading alerts to be used specifically with Nadex (North American Derivatives Exchange), one of the very few US- regulated binary options brokerage platform.

Nadex Daily Pro

Nadex Daily Pro is a group of binary options traders who have been trading successfully on Nadex for over 4 years. They have developed systems to Identify opportunities in the Nadex exchange market. Also, all their systems have been tested through 6 years of data with a success rate of over 85 percent in the long term. Their ultimate aim is to get every single one of their client trading profitably from day one of using their services.


Although not as popular as some brokerage platforms, Nadex signals are fast becoming commonplace in the binary options industry. For United States traders who fancy the use of signal for trading, there are lots of different service providers who offers accurate signals that can be used on Nadex