May 3, 2017

Stockpair Is Back

Stockpair Is Back On Top Again

As a trusted binary options trading broker for millions of investors around the world, Stockpair has been on our recommended list since inception. It will be a bit surprising to hear of a binary options investor who does not know Stockpair.

However, if for any reason you have not heard of Stockpair before, now is the time to sit-up and learn a couple of things about Stockpair – with their and continuously improving features.

StockPair- New Features and Upgrade on Existing Ones

Launched back in 2010, Stockpair is one of the pioneers and the true innovators of binary options trading.  Although they have always been on top of the binary options industry, lately the spotlight has been shining on other brokerage firms like 240ption and Ayrex.  Though they are all great brokerage firms, Stockpair is set of regaining the top stop in the industry with the addition of new and exciting features to the already existing ones. Our aim is to run through the list of the new features they have in stock and let the traders be the judge.

Trading Central Signals

Stockpair has upped the game by offering market analysis from Trading Central, one of the most respected firms in this field, launched back in 1999. Some of the biggest Forex brokerage platforms collaborate with Trading Central, sending regular market updates to their clients.

It is vital to understand that is not about a signal service that offers you hundreds of million-making signals every day, with 99.9 percent accuracy. This firm is a serious investment research provider with a lot of respected technical analyst on the forex scene. It is therefore very exciting to see that a broker like Stockpair is partnering with them to bring their insight to binary options traders.

Forex Light Platform

Investors on the Stockpair platform now has access to Forex trading without the need to install Meta 4 trader and without downloading any additional software. Though Meta Trader is one of the most popular free charting packages available today, the complexity makes it a little bit difficult to use, most especially for binary options traders.  This makes Stockpair’s decision to offer Forex trading in a simplified platform without the snags that can arise from using a complex one very popular.  Investors on the platform can also ask for ebooks or videos explaining the basics.

Improved and Streamlined Withdrawal Procedure

This is one of the biggest challenges for all binary options investors- not only do they have to deal with market volatility with no apparent reason but when they finally managed to “beat” the market and made some money, the broker would make it difficult to withdraw. That is why Stockpair’s decision to revamp and streamline the withdrawal process in order to make withdrawal easy is a great news. With this new feature, investors will get the best support to make the entire process a lot easier and fast.

Economic Calendar

Sometimes, there isn’t a clear reason behind the movement in the market, however, most times, movements are due to companies posting earning reports, central banks either hiking or reducing rates or because NPF report posted a high change than generally expected. To keep track of all these events, investors need an economic calendar.  Now Stockpair offers an improved version of such calendar, easily accessible at the bottom of the trading interphase.  Though there are many such calendars available online, but why go to another website when you have it right at your fingertip?

Other Tools

As part of Stockpair’s revamping effort, they have also added analysis by in the form of trading signals and an improved chart well suited for technical analysis. Bollinger Bands, Candlesticks, MACD, different time frames – all are available on this brand new chart, which can be found at the bottom of the trading platform.

Final Verdict

Stockpair have always been a respected brokerage platform for their transparency, honesty and overall approach to brokering binary options. However, they have lacked a bit of innovation and spice lately. The recent updates and improvement are just the right kind of spice and innovation that is needed.

It is still Stockpair but with a little more kick and color.