January 4, 2015

Why I am losing in Binary

Why am I losing while Trading Binary Options

Binary options trade as the saying goes can make or break you. Like any other job, trading also throws up challenges and if you are not ready for the risk then you are likely to blame everybody but yourself for your losses. Your broker, the platform the news all are to blame. However, if you reflect on one simple question “why am I losing” then you are likely to find the answers and if you have the answers it is possible that you will become a better binary options trader. Moreover, Losing in Binary Options is something each trader experience you should only learn from it.

Market trends

The market is ever changing but that does not mean that you also continuously change your trading strategy. Trading is not for those who want instant gratification. Trading works to a plan that you got to stick to. If you have a well thought out plan then you will anticipate the market rather than react to its changes.No point blaming the broker if you shift plan ever so often because of greed or desire to make an early kill.

While most traders do hope to gain from trading it does not mean that they will gain in all their trades. Trading does not work that way. You lose some and you win some. You have to understand that. Just as you are happy when you win a trade so you should not be overly disappointed when you lose a trade.

Learn to accept a win and a loss without allowing your emotions to blame it on somebody else, losing in binary is normal and happens to everyone.

After all when you put your money on a particular stock you must have thought hard about it before you placed the bid. Also risking too much per trade is dangerous. Trade in a moderate way so you know you won’t risk everything.

Losing in Binary Options

Understand before you trade

In binary option trading you are offered bonuses. Traders must know that they need to read the fine print that bonuses offer. If you have not read that the bonus amount stays with the broker for a certain period of time why blame the broker for poor withdrawal. Read the bonus terms and conditions before trading. Sometimes traders do not understand how a certain account works. It’s seems easy to predict if a trade will go up or down in High and Low but when you predict a trade will go high but it remains stagnant at the price, can you really blame the broker or the platform?

Trading is a risky as well as rewarding. Before you open a trade account, learn how it works for you to make the right decision about trading in that account.Understand when to hold on to a trade and when to let go. Don’t blame others if you are holding on to losers and letting go of winning trades.

You have decided on that, not anybody else. Get a mentor, read the market news, be patient, look for indicators for it takes time to understand when to hold and when to let go a trade. And remember Losing in Binary is part of the game.